Our building.


A little bit about us.

How it all started...
Christina and Casey Guenther purchased the building at 402 South Railway in June 2010 while living in India. They were told there was ‘potential’ in the building and took on the project with family and friends.

With great help from Gene and his crew at Parkside Construction they were able to tear off and replace the old leaky roof and get the building to a stable state.

After renovating for approximately 9 months they were able to move into the upstairs apartment and a vision for the main floor area began to take shape. Casey needed an office space for his graphic design business and after talking ideas over with various community members they decided opening an art centre alongside Casey’s business could work well together.

Why '1894'?
Why Boissevain?


A short documentary on the 1894 Art Centre by Julie Watt.

A few photos of the renovation.