Project Description

Opening – October 3rd, 2-4 pm

Duration – October 3rd to November 13th, 2015

‘Food & Agriculture’ was our first themed show.  Artists were welcome to submit 1-4 pieces of work.  We have a wide range of work, including painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, sculpture, canning and baking.


A taste of politics

I have always struggled to follow politics, I find that the debates turn into arguments, the attack ads elementary, and polls leading up to the election often inaccurate. I have always participated in voting, but a lot of times my vote was cast in ignorance. I didn’t know what the parties platform really looked and tasted like.

The idea for ‘A taste of politics’ came from having a discussion with a fellow community member that works in politics, she mentioned that people drop off baking to her campaign office. So, then I started thinking about what type of baking I would create for each of the political parties.

So, after researching each party website, I paired recipes that I thought suited the platform and what the party stood for. I came realize that most parties have staples that are present in each recipe such as a grain (flour, oatmeal), a sweetener (honey, sugar), a binder(butter, margarine) and then the embellishments (chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, seeds). Just like each party covers the essentials such as economy, healthcare, environment, retirement, childcare and the creation of new jobs. But, every party has different tastes and quantities for each of these essentials.

Another point that I tried to express was that where you spend your money is another way in which we vote daily. I tried to source ingredients that reflected the parties priorities. Often, I feel that we don’t think about how our money casts a vote with every purchase that we make.

This was my attempt at trying to connect with politics in a creative way that I could taste, touch, smell, and see.

Christina Guenther


NDP – White Chocolate Chip & Apricot Cookie Slice

IMG_0270Key ingredients used:

-mix of whole wheat & white flour
-mix of white & brown sugar
-fair-trade milk chocolate
*ingredients purchased from Boundary Coop, Walmart & Rural Roots


-tried to spread my shopping around
-balancing my budget was important
-nutritious and sweet at the same time
-somewhat different combination, not tried before


Green – Granola Bites

IMG_2309Key ingredients used:

-local organic oats, dried applies, honey, sunflower seeds
-organic, fair trade cinnamon
-Manitoba hemp
*ingredients purchase from Rural Roots, Boundary Coop and Ten Thousand Villages


-very healthy, long term health in mind
-no electricity or fossil fuels used in making them
-supporting local economy



Progressive Conservative – Chocolate Chip Cookie

IMG_7628Key ingredients used:

-white, enriched all purpose flour
-flax from conventional local farmer
-chocolate chips & Smarties
*ingredients purchased from Boundary Coop and Walmart


-free trade
-low cost ingredients
-classic, fairly low risk
-reduced the amount of chocolate chips that were called for


Liberal – Empire Cookie


Key ingredients used:

-mix of local and foreign
-high-end grated chocolate and ground almonds
-organic wheat, fair-trade sugar
*ingredients purchased from Boundary Coop, Walmart, Rural Roots & Steads Farm Supply


-appearance was important
-added more ingredients to the existing recipe
-used a cookie cutter, didn’t stray too far from the norms
-cost wasn’t a concern