We are excited to announce that the Boissevain Festival of the Arts has expanded to include Visual Arts this year!

The Boissevain Festival of the Arts will take place March 1-19th with the Visual Arts adjudication/workshop being held on March 16th.  This year we are focusing on participants that are 18 and under. The adjudication will include meeting a professional artist that will give written and verbal comments to all the art participants, as well as a mini hands-on workshop led by the artist.

If you are interested in entering please fill out the entry form (included in the last couple pages of the Boissevain Festival of the Arts Addendum) and drop it off at the Boissevain Town Library or Boissevain School Library by Jan, 13, 2017, along with your payment.  Participants can enter more then one work, as long as the work is done in different mediums.  It is also important that the artwork is an original. The artwork does not need to be handed in until March 13th, you just need to register by Jan. 13th.

I am attaching several documents with the Visual Arts Regulations, Classes and Boissevain Festival of the Arts Addendum.  You will also find all of this information in the Associated Manitoba Arts Festival Provincial Syllabus 2015 pages 263-268.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


Christina Guenther

1894 Art Centre
402 South Railway St.
Boissevain, MB, Canada

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