Instructor: Barbara Damer

Details: Her is an opportunity to express yourself, and your ideas! This will be a six week workshop to assist you in bringing to life the visual image, the idea or the skills and techniques that you would like to work on.

Join Barbara Damer for an opportunity to pursue your idea, vision… with instruction and information about the medium that interests you; drawing, watercolour, acrylic, found objects and things, collage, block printing, graphic design and layout, basics of colour theory, whatever you want to know, and make… we’ll make it happen!

Bring your idea or a subject to the first session. We will plan a path for your idea to come to life. I am excited about creativity, yours, mine and ours! Let’s make something amazing together!

Most materials will be provided, including paint (acrylic, watercolour), surface (paper, magnesiacore) and multiple found objects, paper, etc.

Price: $100